About: Purple Rune

Back in April 2011, during a half term, I looked out of the window (or something else very philosophical like that), and I decided that there must be a better way to spend my time off. So I thought, and decided I should make a video game in two weeks! I settled on a 2D platformer because they looked easy to make, and then I realised I didn’t know how to make video games. Then I remembered a little tool I used back in 2005, called Game Maker. I wondered if it was still around, so I did a little bit of research (typed Game Maker into Google) and discovered it was still going strong. I had my game idea, I had a tool, now all I needed was to stop putting it off and get working, so that’s exactly what I did. The game was called Blokky, and was sort of released back in September 2011. I learnt a lot from that game, I realised video game development was definitely not easy, but I got addicted, my spare time was no longer liberating if I wasn’t programming. However I had no game idea and no project to work on. So I decided to take a little break. A little while later, I began to work on a small dungeon generator. 7 months later I’m now working on PurpleRune, it’s changed a lot since it first started, and it’s going to change a lot still.

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